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Corporate Courses

Would you like to encourage your employees to cycle to work? 

Tailored to the needs of your employees - prices vary depending on course length & requirements of trainees. 

£130 per person - 4 day course (2 hrs per day / 8 hrs total) 

£60 per person - 1.5 hours (single session)

£90 for 2 people - 1.5 hours (single session) 

Perhaps you already take part in the 'Cycle to Work' scheme, which offers a financial incentive to buy a bicycle, however do you actively encourage your employees to use that bicycle? Do you empower them with the skills to cycle to work safely and with confidence, sharing the roads with other traffic or finding alternative quiet routes?

Do you have a Corporate Social Responsibility policy? 

Are you looking for alternative ideas to spend your 'Staff Entertainment Budget' for this year? 

Look no further - Pedal Up can offer you the perfect solution. 

We can help get your employees actually using the bike they buy through the Cycle to Work scheme as well as feeling happy and confident cyclists when they reach their workplace each day. 

We offer 2 day cycling courses, 4 day courses or 1to1 private lessons within the borough of Richmond and surrounding areas.

We can tailor the Cycling Sessions to your employees needs & requirements.

Courses can be delivered to your employees before or after work, during lunch hours, or during the working day (think of it as a Team Bonding session) 

Get in touch and see what we can offer you and your employees today. 

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